How To Get Wax Out Of Your Carpet

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How To Get Wax Out Of Your Carpet
How To Get Wax Out Of Your Carpet

As much as we all love a scented candle, there are always times we wish we’d been a little more careful. Like when you spill hot wax all over your favourite rug.
It happens to the best of us. Rushing, busy households resulting in spillages, knocks and drops resulting in may we say, a hot mess (pun intended)!
All is not lost though, Aery Living have prepared some simple tips for us to remove wax spillages from your carpets, rugs and even those cotton tablecloths. Plus, all without the use of chemicals or plastic so you can continue to enjoy your candles, home and any mess created – stress free.

Aery is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Eliminating plastics and chemicals from your daily chores are small steps you can take in and around your home to be a little bit greener.
The use of non-eco cleaning products can have massive negative effects on the environment, here’s a few reasons why we believe in not using chemicals and plastics in our homes:

🌊Water pollution: Thousands of chemicals are washed into streams and rivers, these
will often persist in the water systems affecting the oceans and aquatic life.
🍃Air pollution: Volatile Organic Compounds can be found in cleaning products these
can affect indoor air quality potentially effecting your health, as well as adding to
outdoor smog.
🥤Waste: The containers of or the products themselves are often made from plastic and may not be recyclable ending up in landfill

So, for our chemical, toxin and plastic free method, all you will need is:

  • Ice cubes
  •  A cotton Bag or large porous cloth
  • A butter knife
  • An iron
  • Brown paper (again something porous)

How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

Step 1 ✅
Your wax is still hot, you’ll need to get this super cold as the harder it is the easier it will be to peel away from your carpet. We suggest still following this step if your wax is hot, soft or cold.
Fill your bag or cloth with ice and run it over the wax holding where needed to solidify and harden the spillage. Just make sure the wax doesn’t get wet.
👉Hack👈 if it's a tablecloth you’re trying to clean bung this straight in the freezer, just try to fold the cloth in on itself to avoid too much damp on the wax.

Step 2✅
Once solid you can begin to gently peel away the wax, if needed you can use a butter knife to help with the process, just make sure you’re gentle to avoid any damages on your rugs or carpets.

Step 3✅
Hopefully now, most of the wax has now been removed but it’s likely you will still have a few little bits here and there and possibly a stain left behind. This is where your iron comes in.
Heat your iron up to a low/medium heat and lay your brown paper over the stained area. Now just gently use circular motions over the paper.
The paper will now begin to absorb the wax lifting it from the carpet. Continue to do this and replace with fresh paper if needed until the marks have been lifted.

Your carpet should be looking as good as new!

We’ve all got busy lifestyles and it can be easy to grab the first item on the shelf or you already have your go-to brands for household bits and pieces. But there are small and easy steps we can all take to avoid using harsh chemicals and other cleaning alternatives. So we hope this tip helps you make that small step to a more sustainable lifestyle.


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