100% Plastic Free Cleaning Products

Our mission is to clean up the way we clean up

We believe everyone should be able to carry out their household chores without hurting our planet. While we spend £5bn every year making our homes clean, most of the products we’re using aren’t. It’s time for an appealing alternative to polluting plastic product.

It’s time for Seep.

Our vision is to make green cleaning commonplace for everyone

Every minute of every day we bin 1,000 kitchen sponges – the majority are virgin plastic. While there are sustainable cleaning liquids conveniently available, what we couldn’t do was apply them with non-polluting cleaning tools with the same ease. That seemed counter intuitive to us. It’s why we created Seep plastic free cleaning products.

Our goal with Seep is to build a business model, mindset, and offer that does no harm, and that's accessible to all.


"Seep was born out of frustration after lots of trips to the (virtual) supermarket." Laura Harnett, Seep Founder

Over the years, it was becoming easier to find greener alternatives - cleaning sprays, toilet paper, washing detergent. But I noticed just how many cloths and sponges I was using and just how quickly they’d end up in my bin. I asked myself why, two decades after sustainable cleaning liquids became available, am I still having to apply them with a polluting plastic cloth or sponge? 

I knew I couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to ‘do’ something. I decided I could remain part of the pollution or become part of the solution, and that’s how Seep came to be born. 

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What makes Seep different? 

Circular Cleaning

Plastic free cleaning products made from sustainable and renewable materials like loofah or endlessly recyclable.

Once they outlive their usefulness, our products are compostable or fully biodegradable. That means their materials harmlessly seep back into the earth.

We more than offsetting our carbon footprint each year to become climate positive.

Beautiful & Long Lasting

Our sleek products look good and can sit pride of place.
No more bobbly bits that relegate poor products to toilet cleaning. And, upon reaching the end of a long life, it’s remarkably easy to cleanly dispose of our products.

Safe & Easy To Use

None of the toxins commonly found in plastic-based alternatives (like Triclosan) are in our products.

Designed to; work well or better than plastic equivalents and; be simple to maintain.

Available to buy through mainstream retailers and independents, as well as direct from our transactional website.

We're climate positive

We have partnered with climate charity "On A Mission" to help us reduce our impact on the Earth.

Firstly, On A Mission helps us measure the carbon footprint of each of our products. We then offset this footprint through re-investing in their carefully selected portfolio of forest regeneration projects.

We are officially a "Climate Positive" company which means we reinvest 3x our own carbon footprint.

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