Cleaning up the way we clean up


When I first scoured the aisles for a plastic-free alternative to cleaning tools, it was hard to find eco options that truly got the job done. So I gathered a few like-minded people and we set to work creating the most sustainable everyday essential products we possibly could.

And, just like that, Seep was born.

Our zero plastic, high-quality, natural tools exist to make things better in every way = a cleaner home, a healthier planet and happier humans.

So relax. We’ve got this: now we can all feel good cleaning.

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Our Impact

We believe everyone should be able to carry out their household chores without hurting our planet. While we spend £5bn every year making our homes clean, most of the products we’re using aren’t. It’s time for an appealing alternative to polluting plastic products. It’s time for Seep.

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Seep is the little company on a big mission to eliminate 1 billion plastic cleaning products from landfill by 2030

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Impact Report


Impact Report

1. Launched new cloth

2. Reached 3.5m in plastic cleaning tools saved from landfill

3. Recognised for making an impact — winning a spot on the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator and being awarded Eco Cleaning Brand of the Year by Country & Townhouse

4. Raised our round of investment with lots of female and impact investors

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
we can’t wait to see how we will impact the future
we can’t wait to see how we will impact the future

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