Impact Reports


Our Impact Reports

From the very start we have wanted to be totally transparent with our customers, partners and wider community. Our impact reports talk you through our mission and values and share information about our products, our colleagues and our impact on the environment.

It has been 3 years since we launched Seep and we still can't quite believe it! It has been filled with highs, lows and lots of loofah sponges 🧽

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support throughout our plastic-free adventure. We honestly would not be here without you 🙏

2023 Impact Report

1. Launched new cloth

2. Reached 3.5m in plastic cleaning tools saved from landfill

3. Recognised for making an impact — winning a spot on the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator and being awarded Eco Cleaning Brand of the Year by Country & Townhouse

4. Raised our round of investment with lots of female and impact investors

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2022 Impact Report

  1. Seep becomes B Corp Certified and awarded Best For The World
  2. Launched new products including our large cellulose sponge and FSC rubber gloves
  3. Won The Green Deal Fund to launch our bamboo dish brush
  4. Included more stockists to our portfolio including Oxfam and The Modern Milkman
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2021 Impact Report

  1. Partnered with reforestation charity ON A MISSION to offset 3.5 time our carbon emissions
  2. Launched in Selfridges and online retailers including Bother and Good Club
  3. Expanded our product range to include cloths and compostable bin liners
  4. Celebtrated serving over 9,000 customers
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We would love to hear from you!

We would absolutely love to hear what you think of our impact so far (plus, we are always up for a chat) 😍

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