Why We Changed Our 12 Sponge Packaging

Why We Changed Our 12 Sponge Packaging
Why We Changed Our 12 Sponge Packaging

At Seep we carefully consider the customer feedback we receive. We've heard some of our customers wanted to receive our sponges without the added packaging and, because we're always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet, we've taken this feedback onboard.

We changed our 1 Year Supply of Eco Sponge Scourers from 3 separate boxes with 4 sponges each to 1 single box with 12 sponges.

Why did we make this change?

  1. Reduced packaging
    By switching from 3 boxes to 1, we reduced approximately 30% of packaging. This means less raw materials used and lower waste.
  2. Easier access
    You can reach the sponges more easily.
  3. Better storage
    It keeps all sponges in one place and helps you store them neatly. You can also reuse the box to store other things.
What didn't change?
  • Full of high-quality, long-lasting sponge scourers
  • Recyclable with other cardboard
  • FSC certified

Get yourself one of the new boxes!

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