Sustainable Back To School

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Sustainable Back To School
Sustainable Back To School

Back to school is a funny time, the holidays have whizzed by in a chaotic whirl of activities. You may be relieved to get back into a school routine, or possibly dreading it😅 Either way, we’re here to help you prepare for that first Monday, so you’ll be that zen, super-organised parent we all aspire to be. And if you’re not, at least you tried🤪 Psst! You’ll also find our top product picks, with exclusive discounts inside this blog.

Prep school lunches the night before

This may seem like an effort at the time, but actually if you’re cooking dinner already, why not get on with lunch too? If you’re lacking inspiration, and bored of sandwiches, check out these brilliant, low-waste recipes by Oddbox - including wrap and muffin ideas💡 We love Black+Blum Tupperware to pack everything away into. Completely plastic free and durable, these fab tupperwares are a great example of buying better, so that you buy less👏

Tidy up that night

There is literally nothing worse than coming down to a messy kitchen in the morning. Grab your Seep cloths, and a bottle of Purdy & Figg and wipe it all away. Purdy & Figg sprays clean all surfaces in your home, meaning you just need one bottle! Their scents are so delicious, it’ll have your kitchen smelling like a spa💆‍♀️

Get a good night’s sleep

You’ll thank yourself for getting you and the kids off to bed in good time the night before school. This not only sets you off back into a good routine but also makes getting up in the morning that little bit easier for everyone. Try to ditch the screens at least an hour before bedtime too, and alternatively read a book to wind down😴 Treat yourself to a Paradise Fold night mask for the ultimate night's sleep. 100% sustainably sourced silk, choose from silky PJ’s to comforting eye masks. It’s the perfect recipe for a good night's sleep.

Start the day right

After your wonderful nights sleep, it’s super important to make time for yourself. Get up and have a stretch (before the kids start to stir🤣). Yoga Matters mats are super grippy and are made from completely toxin-free materials. Get your skincare done after showering, so by the time you head downstairs you are so zen, you can tackle anything the morning throws at you! Scene skincare is sustainable for you and the planet, their packaging is 100% compostable, handmade in Cornwall and are 100% plastic free. What’s not to love?

Fuel up

Ok, one last hurdle before the school run - breakfast! Ever tried overnight oats instead of porridge? Make a batch at the beginning of the week and brekky is ready waiting in the fridge for you all. Slow release energy, plus you can add whatever toppings you like, this makes breakfast fun and easy for everyone. Of course breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a coffee. Pact Coffee

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