Our Tested Method For How To Get Stickers Off Glass

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Glass jars laid out on turquoise background
Glass jars laid out on turquoise background

So, something’s stuck on a window and you need to hide the evidence. Well, we’ve got our tried and true method for how to get stickers off glass.

It happens. Whether it was the kids sticking animals, fairies or trucks around the house or you simply placing a lovely decal in the window. They can add character to your home but can be a right pain when it comes to removing the sticky residue.

Luckily, knowing how to get sticky labels off glass doesn’t have to stick you in the mud. Plus, we’ve got ways to do it with ingredients you’ve likely got lying around already. Meaning there’s no need for a frantic drive out for the latest sticky residue remover 3000.

  1. How to get Stickers off Glass With Peanut Butter

As long as there isn’t anyone in your home with peanut allergies, this one is a favourite of ours. Not only is it already in the house (if the kids haven’t got their hands on the tub), it’s quick, affordable and smells good!

Grab an old rag and run it under hot water and press onto the sticky residue to help it absorb some moisture. Next, grab a butter knife and slather peanut butter all over the area. Leave it to sit for around ten minutes. When you come back, rinse your rag under hot water again and use it to wipe the peanut butter (and sticky residue) away!

  1. How to Get Stickers off Glass With Nail Polish Remover

Even though we’re big advocates for ingredients that won’t harm our lovely planet, we know your cupboards might still have a couple of culprits in them. Nail varnish remover is one of them, so let’s put it to good use!

For this one, you’ll need a butter knife, some cotton wool balls and your nail varnish remover. The steps of how to get sticky labels off glass with this method are simple. Start by using your knife to scrape away as much of the label or sticker as possible. Then, douse cotton balls in varnish remover and gently wipe the sticky residue away.

P.S. when you’re bottle is finished, go and check out some soy-based varnish removers!

  1. How to Get Stickers off Glass With a Scraper

If you’re completely in the sticks, just scrape. Believe us, we’ve been there, too. There’s always that one bit of sticky residue that doesn’t satisfyingly peel away with the rest of the sticker.

Stretch yourself across the room to find any sort of scraper-looking tool. It could be a butter knife, a key, a card, a bobby pin, a nail file, a coin, you name it. Then, furiously scrape away. It’s not our favourite method for how to get sticky labels off glass but it works, eventually.

  1. How to Get Stickers off Glass With Olive Oil

If you typically have olive oil or sunflower oil in your kitchen, you can use it to get remnants of sticker residue off glass, too. Essentially, it’s all about using some good lubrication to get around the stick.

What you’ll need to do is transfer some oil into a reusable spray bottle. Then, let loose onto the sticky area to drench the sticker. Let it sit for a few minutes (heck, watch an episode of the latest binge-able series on Netflix) before using a bamboo dish brush to get some elbow grease in there.

When the residue is all gone, use your normal window and glass cleaner to bring back the sparkle.

  1. How to Get Stickers off Glass With Alcohol

No, not the good stuff. This is rubbing alcohol, also known as white spirit. It’s not one of the most environmentally friendly methods for how to get sticky labels off glass, but it’s certainly effective. If you don’t already have a bottle in the house to get through, we wouldn’t recommend buying it because of the harsh chemicals.

If you do already have some at home and there aren’t any youngens or fluffy family members walking around, here’s what to do. Grab a reusable spray bottle, a microfibre cloth and a credit card. Then, spray the rubbing alcohol, leave for 15-minutes, scrape and repeat!

That makes all 5 methods for how to get stickers off glass. Our utterly nutterly favourite - if you didn’t guess - is the peanut butter trick but you’ll find the method that works for you. Plus, getting sticky residue off glass can take some elbow grease so you can't beat a method that doubles up as a mid-task snack.

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