Know Your Recyclable Waste

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Know Your Recyclable Waste
Know Your Recyclable Waste

So why is recycling important, why should we do it? More and more of us are recycling everyday which helps decrease our reliance on landfill. Recycling also reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials which create air and water pollution.

1. Understand what you can recycle

Nine out of ten of us have recycling collections. Use this handy Recycling Locator Tool to identify what you can put in your bins and whether you have a food or gardening waste collection. If it turns out that you don't have the correct bins your can contact your local authority. You can also find out when your collection is each week.

2. Find your recycling a home

Now its time to make room for your recycling. This could be a separate bin in your kitchen and bathroom or a food waste caddy. There are also some fab bins which are divided, check these out from Eko Home. Who said recycling can't be stylish!

3. Demystify the symbols

You are probably used to checking packaging, but are your familiar with all of the symbols? Is not, take a look below for the most common ones.
4. Items you might not know you can recycle


  • Surface cleaner bottles, bleach bottles can be rinsed and reused with refillable products or recycled with plastics.
  • Foil is widely recycled and the more the easier it is. We recommend making your foil into a ball and keep adding to it until it is the size of a tennis ball to recycle it.
  • Aerosol air fresheners and deodorant can be recycled once empty.
  •  Toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes can be flattened and recycled.

5. Spread the word

Make sure your family, friends and/or housemates understand how and why to recycle too. The more the merrier.

6. If you don't have a recycling collection...

It's still super simple, just locate your nearest drop-off point. You can check here.

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