How To Wash Trainers With Baking Soda

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How To Wash Trainers With Baking Soda
How To Wash Trainers With Baking Soda

Trainers in need of a little pick me up? Did you know baking soda is the perfect ingredient to brighten and clean them💡 Ok, so why is that? Baking soda is a mild alkali (a soluble salt) and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve seamlessly. Plus, because it is natural, it is non-toxic unlike many other household cleaners. Let’s get to it!

You will need:
💧 1 tbsp Hot tap water
💥 1 tbsp White vinegar
💫 1 tbsp Baking soda 
👟 Dirty white trainers!
🦷 Old toothbrush
*If you need more mixture then add equal parts of each ingredient to the bowl*

How To Wash Trainers

  1. Combine your ingredients in a small bowl to make a paste, if you need more just add equal parts of each ingredient again
  2. Using the old toothbrush, apply the paste directly onto your show and scrub into your trainer in circular motions
  3. Continue on with this until your trainers are covered, pop your laces in the remaining mixture
  4. Place your trainers out in the sunshine, or a light spot. The sun will help the whitening process
  5. Once the mixture is dry, clap the trainers together and brush off with a cloth
It is so satisfying to see the dirt just disappear! The solution will work on leather, suede and canvas👏
Check out this video on how to wash trainers to see just how simple it is.
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