How To Clean Your Dirty Sponge

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How To Clean Your Dirty Sponge
How To Clean Your Dirty Sponge

Did you know that your dirty sponge could harbour up to 45 million bacteria per square cm. That means that your sponge could host as much bacteria as the inside of your toilet. Who likes cleaning their cleaning tools (probably no one except the true clean freaks) but it needs to be done! So, let’s get started…

FYI 👉 for your sponge to be performing at its prime and not getting bacteria everywhere, we recommend refreshing your dirty sponge by disinfecting it at least once a week. After about 4 weeks it’s usually time to reach for a new one, but this obviously depends on how much you use it. When getting rid of your Seep sponge you can home compost it or pop it in your food waste caddy. 


  1. Pop your dirty sponge in your dishwasher, amongst your plates and dishes
  2. Run on your regular cycle, slightly hotter is ideal to remove bacteria
  3. Take it out of the machine and air dry before using it again

2️⃣Washing machine 
  1. Pop your dirty sponge in the washing machine, we usually wash ours with our tea towels 
  2. Wash it at 40C degrees
  3. Leave to dry before using it again

3️⃣White vinegar 
  1. Pour white vinegar into a bowl, no need to dilute it with water. 
  2. Soak your dirty sponge for 5 minutes - make sure the sponge is fully covered. 
  3. Rinse with warm water - you don’t want that vinegar smell to linger on your beautiful sponge
  4. Let it dry before using it like normal. 

Now you’re more than ready to spice up your disinfecting sponge routine. These three different methods will be perfect to use once a week for a month before disposing of the sponge. If you’re more of a one type of method cleaner at least you could try them out and see which one is most effective and stick to the routine. Happy plastic free cleaning with non-bacterial Seep sponges!

If you’re now in the mood to clean more of your Seep cleaning tools we recommend reading the official Seep Tool Care Blog. When your tools are ready to be used in their prime condition we recommend checking out how to clean oil stains out of clothes like a pro and how to wash trainers with baking soda

Mina Skugge 01/02/2023

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