How To Care For Your Seep Cleaning Tools

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How To Care For Your Seep Cleaning Tools
How To Care For Your Seep Cleaning Tools

Our plastic free cleaning tools with their sleek designs makes cleaning a bit easier and more fun. Many of you seem to agree as our products have become beloved possessions within your homes, especially our sponges, but how do you properly care for our products to make sure they last and perform to their best ability. By properly taking care of your Seep products the better they will perform for a longer time. We even have some customers who’ve claimed to still be using their first sponge a year later due to their care taking skills.


Eco Sponge Scourer

The most beloved of our cleaning tools, the one that started it all, the legendary sponge. How do you take care of it to the best of your ability? 

  • We recommend keeping it out of the sink whilst not in use. Rinse, squeeze and leave to dry between uses

  • After it’s become too dirty you’re able to put in the washing machine or dishwasher on 40C and make them good as new. 

  • Should last 4-7 weeks, and once you’re finished with it you can put it on your compost or chop it into your food waste caddy. 


Recyclable Copper Scourer 

One of the most effective cleaning tools in our range, made especially to tackle the most dirty surface, is the Recyclable Copper Scourer. 

  • The best way to take care of this lovely copper warrior is to rinse before and after use, and let it dry between uses to avoid mould. 

  • Use common detergent, and try to avoid acidic liquids

  • Will last you a long time (6 months or so), once you’re finished you can take it to your local metal recycling centre where it can be recycled into something new!


Eco Rubber Gloves 

The colour of our Eco Rubber Gloves is especially chosen to brighten up your day - okay maybe not, but it makes one happier looking good whilst washing up, with the good of the planet in mind. 

  • To be sure the Gloves remain amazing, avoid storing them in direct sunlight.

  •  Rinse with water and air dry between uses to prevent mould. 

  • Also, as the pro-cleaner you are, you need to make sure to use a separate pair of household gloves for dishwashing versus all other cleaning, so having two pairs of our Eco Rubber Gloves doesn’t hurt 😉


Bamboo Dish Brush 

Nothing looks better in your kitchen than our lovely Bamboo Dish Brush. It brightens up every sink and makes washing up more fun. 

  • To take care of this fella make sure to rinse with water and hang dry, or free stand with bristlers facing down, after each use.

  •  Allow the brush to truly dry and avoid soaking it

  • Lastly, make sure to keep the Bamboo Dish Brush out of direct sunlight to not damage it. 


Eco multi-purpose Cloth 

When we launched our effective and soft Cloth, paper towels went out of style - they’re so 2022. Nothing is as multifunctional as our Washing Up Cloth, and looking good in your home doesn’t hurt. 

  • Rinse, squeeze and dry between uses 

  • If the Cloth starts looking a bit dull and grim it’s best to pop into the washing machine to give it a nice refresh on 30C.

  • Once you’ve given the Cloth all your love it’s time to pop it in the regular household waste


Biodegradable Bin Liners

Last, but definitely not least, our magical Bin Liners that make taking out the rubbish look more like a runway show than a dull task. 

  • To avoid our bin liners breaking down before you’d like them to, store in a  cool, dry place.The shelf life is 12 months until our Bin Liners transform and naturally start to break down. 

  • Make sure to change your liner more frequently if it comes into contact with food waste, particularly meat products as they start to rot the liners quicker.  

  • Check out our Bin Liner Blog to get more information behind them and why you should be using them instead of regular plastic liners. 


With this in mind, it’s time to get to cleaning! Do you need help removing an oil stain from clothes or getting soot out of carpet and walls? We got your back, check out more interesting Seep Tips on our website. 


Mina Skugge 25/01/2023

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