How To Calculate Carbon Footprint And Reduce Your Footprint

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How To Calculate Carbon Footprint And Reduce Your Footprint
How To Calculate Carbon Footprint And Reduce Your Footprint

 So, you have probably heard a lot about ‘carbon footprints’ in the last few years, but what about personal carbon footprints? Find out how to calculate carbon footprint and how to reduce your personal footprint. 

Calculate Carbon Footprint ⚖

A personal carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our individual actions - such as using electricity, transport choices or waste disposal🗑  You can calculate your personal carbon footprint through carbon accounting, and once you understand the breakdown, it’s much easier to understand what you’re doing right, and where you might be able to do better👏 We here at Seep have used the Greenr app to calculate our carbon footprint and use it to help think of ways to reduce them where possible. Jack, supply chain assistant at Seep, scored 5 tonnes and Camilla, Seep marketing assistant scored 8 tonnes. The app shed more light on where you can personally improve, this may be transport, diet or your energy provider💡 For context, the world average is 4.79 C02 tonnes/person, whereas the UK average is around 10 tonnes.  

How to Reduce your Personal Carbon Footprint👣

Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate and balance emissions by funding equivalent carbon dioxide saving schemes in other parts of the world. You can purchase the equivalent volume of carbon credit and these payments (known as carbon finance) allow for the emission reduction projects to be financially viable and sustainable🌍 These projects can help in many ways, such as through innovation, increased awareness and improved behaviours from individuals and organisations👨‍🌾 For example, at Seep we are partnered with On A Mission Charity, who help us offset our carbon, which in return supports their amazing reforestation projects in South America.

Offsetting personal carbon emissions often starts with simply measuring your carbon footprint and considering the breakdown. After which, you can set a plan to "decarbonise", then finally actioning the offsetting and transitioning to your low-emission operating plan! Again, Greenr is our recommendation for you if you don’t know where to start, or are looking for a breakdown of where you might be able to improve and focus your energy🚶‍♂️ 

What to consider when reducing your Personal Carbon Footprint 👇

As the name suggests, your personal carbon footprint is personal! How you choose to better it is up to you and dependent on your circumstances. Some common things to consider though might be:   

  • Understanding your personal carbon footprint
  • Eating seasonal and organic products
  • Reducing unnecessary electricity and heating where possible
  • Limit waste and recycle instead where possible
  • Consider smarter transport options, either through exercise options like walking or cycling, or taking public transport

Let us know what you think, what you find and whether you have used the Greenr app to track, analyse and improve your personal carbon footprint💚

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