5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste
5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic seems to have found its way into every corner of our lives, it’s cheap, durable and disposable. Yet, these great qualities are the very downfall of it😬 The Big Plastic Count recently revealed that UK households throw away almost 100 billion pieces of plastic waste every year😢 82% of this is shipped oversea, burnt or sent to landfill.

1. Wave goodbye to single use pests 🥤

The first step is simple, quit single use and begin investing in long-lasting quality everyday products. Below are some of the best swaps you can make…
👉Water Bottle: you can buy these in all shapes, sizes and materials, we love Chilly’s
👉Staws: ever get annoyed by paper straws disintegrating into your drink? Try Stroodles, a sturdy straw made from pasta
👉Coffee Cup: Check out KeepCups glass takeaway cups, they look so nice in the kitchen too
👉Tupperware: glass or metal tupperware is great for keeping food fresh
👉 Cling Film: try food wrap and bags instead of cling film, check out Beeswax Wrap, a fellow B Corp pal, here.
2. Ditch the packaging 🥕

Whether it’s making different choices in the supermarket or shopping in your local packaging free shop it can make a huge difference. UK supermarkets currently produce 800,000 tonnes of plastic every year🤯 Plus, loose fruit and veg is often cheaper. Find your nearest packaging free shop here to reduce your plastic waste when doing your weekly shop.

3. Hit the beach 🌴

Beach clean ups are a great way to get involved in the community and help look after your local beach environment. Check out The Million Mile Clean here to find out how to get involved in one near you.

4. Bring back the milkman 🥛

Consider getting your milk delivered which come in refillable plastic bottles. Many do fruit juices and general groceries too, check out The Modern Milkman here

5. Beautifully plastic free💅

A lot of the plastic polluting oceans are microplastics, which are tiny particles impossible to filter out. They are very commonly added to products as an aid to exfoliate, such as toothpaste and face wash. There are SO many alternatives to products containing ‘polypropylene’ and ‘polyethylene’, check out Up Circle for your face, or Frank Body for your body and Parla for your teeth.

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