5 Not-so-obvious Plastic Free Swaps

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5 Not-so-obvious Plastic Free Swaps
5 Not-so-obvious Plastic Free Swaps

Are you tired of the usual plastic free swaps? You've already swapped bought yourself a reusable water bottle, you've ditched the cotton buds and you've got enough Tupperware to meal prep for the rest of your life😅

Well, listen up! These not-so-obvious swaps will give your eco-friendly efforts a fresh twist. Let's dive in!


1. Toothpaste Tablets 🦷
A Crunchy Twist to Plastic Free Oral Care. Say goodbye to toothpaste tubes with an innovative alternative: toothpaste tablets. These bite-sized wonders are made from natural ingredients and require zero plastic packaging. Simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew, and brush as usual. They come in various flavors and are perfect for travel too. Get ready for a refreshing, plastic-free smile that's bound to turn heads!

2. Silicone Food Covers 🥕
Tired of struggling with plastic wrap or searching for matching lids for your containers? Enter silicone food covers, a game-changer in plastic-free food storage. These stretchable, reusable covers come in various sizes and can fit snugly over bowls, plates, and even cut fruits or vegetables. They create an airtight seal, keeping your food fresh while eliminating the need for single-use plastics. It's time to stretch the limits of sustainability!

3. Loofah Washing-up Sponge 🫧
Loofahs are a staple in many bathrooms, but have you ever heard of using them for your dishes? Loofah is grown on a vine, a bit like a cucumber, and they are great a scrubbing your plates, offering a gentle yet effective action. Not only do they eliminate the need for plastic, but they also look great in your kitchen.

4. Charcoal Water Filter 💧

A plain stick of charcoal will act as your plastic-free water filter. Simply place the activated charcoal stick in a glass carafe full of tap water and let it sit for several hours. This will remove chlorine and nasty odours from your water without the need for plastic.

5. DIY Milk 🥛

A fan of alterative milks? Well did you know the packaging they come in is lined with plastic? It's super easy to make your own at home, and is super cost effective. Check out a recipe for oat milk here.

By embracing these not-so-obvious plastic free swaps, you can make a remarkable impact on reducing plastic waste while exploring exciting new alternatives. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sustainable living.

Let's challenge the status quo and give these swaps a try💪

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