5 Clever Tips For The Perfect City Picnic

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5 Clever Tips For The Perfect City Picnic
5 Clever Tips For The Perfect City Picnic

The heatwave is on its way, and it looks like city picnic season has started. Before packing your picnic basket make sure you read these tips to make the most out of your al fresco summer get together.

1. It’s totes better

The recipe for a good city picnic starts at home. When it comes to packing right, wicker baskets aren’t always the most practical option🧺 Use insulated totes or backpacks with compartments and padding to secure and organise your picnic contents🎒 Totes and bags can also be less clunky and more comfortable to carry around if you’re planning to walk a little while to get to your picnic spot.

2. Freezer fruit

Before the day of the picnic make sure you freeze fruits like grapes and berries - these  make a great substitute for ice cubes🧊 Add them to cocktails, prosecco and even water for a tasty twist!

3. String it up, jar it up

Pack your salad, sides and desserts in mason jars. This allows for easy and organised transportation and reduces spills during your meal. Keeping the lids screwed onto sweet foods also keeps wasps at bay🐝 If you want to avoid your sandwiches from falling apart during your commute to your picnic spot you can also use a piece of string to tie them up to keep them closed.

4. Avoid the topple, fill up your bottle

Eating out in nature isn’t always as picture perfect as you might expect. Uneven grounds means cups can easily topple over and bugs can end up flying into your drink. Reminding your friends to fill up their reusable bottles with their chosen drinks can avoid all of this, not to mention reusable bottles can keep your drinks cooler for longer❄️ and will save you buying disposable cups. We recommend S’wheat, who create plant-based reusable bottles made from bamboo and wheat. With each bottle sold, they plant a trackable native tree in your name, remove 20 pounds of ocean-bound plastic and donate profits towards protecting sea life. Get 20% off your order with code ECO20 when you checkout at swheatbottle.com.

S'Wheat White Water Bottle

5. Clean up after yourself

Don’t forget to bring bin liners with you to clean up after the picnic’s done to leave your spot litter free🗑️ Choosing a plastic free alternative like our compostable bin liners will make your picnic more eco friendly. Make sure you also bring a cloth so you can wipe up cups and cutlery with water before packing them away.

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