The Seep Story


Hello, I’m Laura and I’m the founder and CEO of Seep and I'd love to tell you more about the story behind the business....

Seep was born out of frustration after lots of trips to the (virtual) supermarket. Over the years, it was becoming easier to find greener alternatives - cleaning sprays, toilet paper, washing detergent. But, when it came to the most unsexy categories in the cleaning aisle (yes, I'm looking at you sponges, cloths, bin liners), it was a sea of plastic with very few, easy-to-find, well-branded, genuinely sustainable options. 

.So, fed up with waiting, I decided to set up Seep. Seep will bring you a new breed of essential household product - designed to look good in your home and which is genuinely better for the planet.

Seep was named after a flash of inspiration from my husband (he’s not normally known for his creativity!). A great believer in acronyms he came up with Sustainable Everyday Essential Products. I just loved the sound the word made, that it represented our product ethos (everything should be as compostable as possible) and that the hope that our products will seep into your everyday lives.

I have been in the consumer and retail industry for many years as a leader at the world-famous Selfridges and Kingfisher (B&Q, Castorama), as a strategy consultant (Deloitte and Booz Allen), as a buyer and then most recently as an angel investor backing female-led tech businesses. With the support of the most amazing community of friends, family and former colleagues, we're hoping to redefine the (boring) household essentials space and create the type of company I want to buy from.

This will be a work in progress. We will be listening, improving and building our product ranges bit by bit. So please bear with us and let us know what you think at


Seep - What we believe in

We are an ethical brand to our core. We have 3 pillars that will guide us as we build the Seep brand. We might not get everything right the first time but these will shape our collaborations, branding, partnerships, suppliers and the way we manage our business.

  • All our products are 100% compostable. This means they will return nutrients when you’re done. To make sure this happens you should dispose of them in your household compost or in an industrial composting facility run by your local council.
  • All our products are made of natural ingredients that come from renewable and sustainable sources - wood pulp, loofah (yep, it really is a cucumber-shaped vegetable), bamboo, rice husks.
  • While we may manufacture some of our products further afield to get the right product, we are more than offsetting our carbon footprint each year to become climate positive. 
  • We pledge to give 5% of profit to organisation(s) that are making the biggest impact in the environmental space from grass roots activism to lobbying.


  • We bring you household essentials that you won't feel ashamed of displaying next to your sinks - no more green-topped, yellow sponges adorning your granite/ concrete worktops
  • Our products are easy to maintain (hello washing machine at 40 degrees, goodbye musty sponge smell) and they last longer. No more bobbly products relegated to toilet cleaning.
  • Our branding is fresh, colourful and easy to spot, bringing you a more joyful vibe to your household chores.


  •  Our products have none of the toxins often associated with plastic sponges that are mostly made of polyurethane or other foamed plastic polymers
  • Our products also have not been treated with Triclosan which is an anti-microbial agent and pesticide. We recommend regular washing of our products instead.
  • Our products are easy to order (and reorder) on our website and we will be lovely to our customers.
  • Our products are designed to be easy to use and maintain so that you can keep them for longer before popping them onto the compost heap.