Seep's Charity Partner FoodCycle: Making Food Poverty A Thing of the Past


FoodCycle is a charity that addresses food waste and food poverty by collecting surplus food and using it to create nutritious meals for vulnerable individuals and communities. Their mission is to week in, week out feed the hungry and give company to the lonely in our communities with delicious meals and great conversation, using food which would otherwise go to waste.

FoodCycle has been nourishing communities with food and conversation for 15 years. Every week, in over 83 locations across England and Wales, thousands of volunteers transform surplus food into healthy, delicious meals for anyone that would like them, no questions asked. Each community meal offers a safe, warm space to enjoy a free cooked meal and company, which helps guests save on food and energy bills.

FoodCycle volunteers serve nearly 3,000 community meals per week. At a FoodCycle community meal, you’ll see people from all backgrounds and walks of life coming together — from low-income families and elderly to refugees and homeless. Everyone is welcome at FoodCycle. By bringing people together in this way, FoodCycle not only tackles hunger and loneliness but also helps improve mental wellbeing and strengthen community spirit.

In summary, FoodCycle is:

    1. Reducing food waste ♻️
      The charity actively works to minimise food waste by collecting surplus food from local businesses and transforming it into meals. This contributes to environmental sustainability and addresses the issue of food wastage.
    2. Alleviating food poverty 🥗
      FoodCycle focuses on providing nutritious meals to those experiencing food poverty. By redistributing surplus food and offering community meals, the charity helps ensure that individuals and families have access to wholesome, nutritious and sufficient food.
    3. Building communities 👥
      The charity fosters a sense of community by bringing people together through shared meals. This social aspect is crucial for combating social isolation and creating supportive networks, especially for vulnerable people.

Seep's decision to partner with FoodCycle reflects a commitment to social responsibility and community impact. So far, Seep has donated 80 of the following products: four packs of Eco Sponge Scourers, three packs of Eco Copper Scourers, rolls of 70L Eco Bin Liners, pairs of Eco Rubber Gloves, and Eco Sponge Cloths. We equip FoodCycle kitchens with sustainable cleaning tools to promote sustainable attitudes to food and society, and to help the charity focus on what matters most — supporting vulnerable communities facing food insecurity.

You too can volunteer and/or donate to FoodCycle.

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