How To Take Out Trash With Compostable Bin Liners

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How To Take Out Trash With Compostable Bin Liners
How To Take Out Trash With Compostable Bin Liners
Using a compostable bin liner can feel like a big change from your regular plastic bin bags. Of course, there is a reason why so many products are made from plastic, it’s sturdy and long lasting but when it’s at the cost of the planet it’s time to make a change💪 When you have made the swap, it is important to use your biodegradable bin liner to the best of its abilities to avoid disappointment when you take out your trash. Luckily we have the bin bag know-how, so keep reading for all you need to know about any bin bag mishaps👏
Biodegradable Liners vs Plastic bin bags
Most standard bin liners are made from oil-based plastics. So we are literally digging up oil that's taken millions of years to form, to create a plastic that will take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to fully degrade. 
Seep Biodegradable Bin Bags are made from a raw material called Mater-Bi® and turned into bin liners in Belgium in a factory powered by 100% renewable energy. The factory is also certified ‘zero emissions’ as it cleans and recirculates all of the water used bag production🌿 Mater-Bi® is one of the strongest bioplastics on the market, developed by Novamont in Italy following years of scientific research. These plant-based plastics are made using cornstarch and plant oils derived from non-GMO EU grown maize. The best part? No palm or soya products, virgin soil or deforestation is involved in any step of the way. 
Do compostable liners split?
Compostable bin liners are usually made from plants. Seep Biodegradable Bin Bags are certified compostable in accordance with the EN13432 standard. This means they are able to be thrown into your home compost and, if kept at a consistently high temperature, will totally degrade within 90 days. Also if you’re lucky enough that your Local Authority picks up your kitchen or garden waste (~44% of British Households, higher in the rest of the UK), they will accept your waste in our compostable bags. So, as frustrating as it can be, your compostable liner may split or leak if not used effectively because it is simply doing it’s job, breaking down into harmless, lovely nutrients😍
How to use your compostable liner effectively
So let’s think about this, the best eco-friendly alternative to bin bags would be to simply not have a bin bag at all! However, your local council is unlikely to collect this plus imagine the bin juice🤮 Remember that this eco-swap is a ‘liner’ not a ‘bag’, and so use it to line your bin, not stuff it like a bag😅 Mel, our buying manager suggests:


🔥Avoid binning hot liquids, grease and dust

⏰ Take out trash more regularly to avoid over filling 

🧻Pop some kitchen roll or an old rag at the bottom of your liner to soak up any liquids building up at the bottom of your bin

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