How To Recycle Copper Scourers

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How To Recycle Copper Scourers
How To Recycle Copper Scourers

Circularity is our top priority — we always ensure that our products are either compostable, biodegradable or easily recyclable. Our Eco Copper Scourers are made of 100% copper which is fully recyclable and can be infinitely recycled without degrading or losing any of its chemical properties.

Here's what you need to do to recycle copper scourers you have purchased from Seep:

When you decide your copper scourer has run its course, the first thing you must do is rinsing it of any residual food, as otherwise it could risk contaminating porous materials such as paper and card in the same recycling load and rendering it all unrecyclable.

Then you have 4 options:

1. Check if your local council accepts copper in your recycling bin. If it does, just pop it in! 🚮

2. If your council doesn’t collect copper, take it to your local metal recycling centre or nearest scrap yard (if you have more items, they can even collect them from you). Simply search “metal recycling centre near me” online. ♻️

3. You can also use old copper scourers as a natural slug repellent for outdoor plants. Simply pull apart the scourer, or cut it into smaller pieces, then wrap it around your plants. It should keep the slugs at bay without hurting them. 🐌

4. If none of these options are suitable, please return the scourers to us and we'll recycle them for you!

Send them to:

FAO Seep
41 Iffley Rd
London W6 0PB

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