20 Eco Tips To Be A More Eco Friendly Household In 2022

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20 Eco Tips To Be A More Eco Friendly Household In 2022
20 Eco Tips To Be A More Eco Friendly Household In 2022
As we come to the end of another year (wow that went fast), you may be starting think about the new year, and the new you Maybe you are already eco-conscious but want to expand on your plastic-free swaps or maybe you're just someone who wants to live more sustainably but doesn't know where to start? Fear not! Here at Seep we have curated our top eco tips and brands for five areas in your household, so that you can excel at sustainable living💚 Sound good? Then keep reading!


🥕We are so lucky in the UK to have any kind of food we like at our fingertips, but have you ever thought about where those lovely blueberries have come from that you’re eating each morning on top of your porridge in the winter? Knowing what you are eating, where it has come from and what happens to it when you’re done with it, is something we should all try and learn a bit about...
1. Stick with seasons🌿You would be surprised at the amount of food we consume which comes overseas, on planes or ships, and most likely grown under intensive farming regimes. Becoming more aware of food seasonality will help you eat and shop more sustainably, as your food will have been grown in the UK. Click here to learn when your favourite fruit and veggies are in season.
2. Veg Box Crazy 🍆We aren't saying everything you eat must be UK/locally grown, we know that isn’t easy for everyone. However, doing a little means a lot and so by even just challenging yourself to eat two seasonal meals a week is a great habit to make.  Subscribing to a weekly veg box such as OddBox,  is not only less time consuming than going to the shops but you’re fighting food waste as well as eating seasonally - all with the click of a button. 
3. Leftover Lovers 🍖Change your attitude to leftovers, think ‘ingredients’ not ‘leftovers’, turn dinner into lunch, or maybe even dedicate a night to leftovers once a week. Stale bread can be breadcrumbs stowed in the freezer, pop old veggies into soups, why not use your parmesan rind to add that extra zing to your cheese sauce? The possibilities are endless! Here are some tasty recipes you can use as inspo for your leftover creations.
4. Grab and go 🥐 If you haven’t heard of Too Good To Go yet, where have you been? Think delicious pastries from your favorite café or a bowl of pasta from your favourite restaurant all at a discounted price. Good food AND you’re saving the planet from needless food waste.


🧒🏻When it comes to sustainable family living, it is great to get everyone involved - including the kids! Your children will then develop lifetime habits which are better for the planet, it's a win win...
5. Reuse👣‘They grow up so fast’ is a well used phrase but they literally do grow up so fast. So keep that in mind when you are shopping for their clothes. When uniform shopping, think of them wearing it for a few years, not just until the end of the year.
6. Recycle 👖 Then what, you ask? What to do with all of those well-loved, worn out clothes your children have had years of fun in. Enter the Dotte donate + recycle scheme, at Dotte they will extend the life cycle of your clothes that you thought were beyond saving.
7. Hit the library 📙 Rather than sitting on a mountain of toys, try a monthly trip to the library altogether. Here you can swap toys, books and more rather than buying them new only for them to end up at the bottom of the drawer in a couple of weeks! Or try online at Toy Box Blub who even provide a subscription service.


💅🏻There are so many great eco products out there in the beauty industry, often they look nicer, you can get them on subscription plus it is such a simple sustainable swap to make because these are products you use everyday. Here are a few of our faves...
8. Smoother shave and a happier planet 🛀🏽 Estrid razors are vegan and cruelty free, they are super sharp AND come in the most gorgeous pastel shades. Plus they donate 1% of all sales to Women for Women international
9. A happy time of the month 💕Ohne cut to the chase when it comes to periods;  shame-free, toxic-free, plastic-free periods. They have innovative ideas (they have just released their period pants) and they most certainly haven't scrimped on looks - their branding is fab. At Seep we think there isn’t anything not to love about Ohne.
10. Dirty Face Wipes 💦Did you know that most face-wipes are made from or contain non-biodegradable plastic and synthetic fibres such as polyester - yuck! Give your skin a bit more TLC with a facial cleansing oil, we recommend UpCircle's cleansing face balm, which literally melts away make-up. Made from by-products from the coffee industry, they are fighting waste alongside creating delicious smelling skincare products. 
11. Solid as a rock (deodorant)🤩 Swap your aerosols for solid deodorant, Wild knows that single-use plastic stinks so they have a created a refillable deodorant. Their solid vegan and cruelty-free deodorants are made from 100% natural ingredients. 


👗"Every new item of clothing made has a substantial carbon footprint attached to its manufacturing, but the amount of new energy needed to produce vintage clothing is zero" Emma Watson. Everyone has the time and money to make a difference with their clothing choices, it's just knowing where to start. Read these four simple tips and find out how you can transform the way you shop...
12. Upcycle 🧵If an item of your clothing rips, it doesn't mean it is bin worthy! Learn a new skill and repair your own clothes. Nobody got time for that? Use SOJO for you alteration and clothing repair needs.
13. Rent 👕Try renting your clothes from places such as OnLoan and HURR.  Renting clothes not only saves you money and wardrobe space but significantly reduces the amount of fabric ending up in landfill each year. Plus, you will never run out of clothes to wear!
14. Donate 👛 With Thrift all you have to do is send them your clothes and they will do the rest. In return you gain credit to shop their online second-hand store or you can donate to a charity of your choice. You could even challenge  yourself to do a 'one-in one-out' system where you only buy something else once you have donated.
15. Get to know your fave clothing brands ♻ Support brands who are open about their supply chain. Lucy & Yak are a clothing brand who are 'responsibly new' which  means their clothes are organic, recycled and long lasting, you can even find out exactly who made your item of clothing on their website (just to name just a few of the great things that they do!). If only all clothing brands were like them...


🏡 Don't rush into decorating your home, try and be mindful of what you are buying and think of it as a long-term investment rather than a quick fix. Remember, your home should improve your happiness and wellbeing...
16. Longevity♾ When you’re deciding to decorate or update your home try to invest in high-quality and ethically sourced items which are built to last. Bedfolk bedding, Coat paint, Sloane & Sons garden furniture, and Stitched curtains are amongst our favourites.
17. Vinterior 🪑 Have a day out at a local vintage market or vintage shop, vintage items can really add character to a space as well as being a lot of fun to find.
18. Neighbourly love💌 Maybe that shelf you are looking for in the kitchen is closer than you think. Try searching on Next Door for some hidden gems in your neighbourhood, or even sell some of your own items on there. Or why not have a go at hosting your own 'swap party' with your friends and family?
19. Repurpose ⭐Don't rush into replacing old items, update them! Upholster your saggy sofa, sand down wooden furniture and paint it. Having a project to do brings focus and satisfaction too. Have fun with it.
20. Plastic-free 🧹 make simple swaps with everyday products, such as your cleaning products. Seep sponges are 100% compostable and plastic-free (😉), pair with Delphis Eco who provide beautiful cleaning products 100% UK made. 
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