A Natural Guide to Banishing Tea Stains From Your Mugs

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A Natural Guide to Banishing Tea Stains From Your Mugs
A Natural Guide to Banishing Tea Stains From Your Mugs

As much as we love our chai, Earl Grey, or herbal infusions, they can leave ugly marks on our fave mugs. Bid farewell to those stubborn stains with a dash of natural magic. In this guide, we'll explore ways you can restore your mugs to their former glory.

1. Lemon Zest:

Embrace the power of citric sunshine to obliterate those pesky tea stains. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze its zest into your stained mug, and add a sprinkle of salt. Use the lemon half as a scrubber. Let the mixture sit for a bit, allowing the acid to break down the stains. Finish by placing your mug in the sunlight for an extra boost of stain removal, then give it a good rinse.

2. Bicarbonate of Soda:

Bicarbonate soda and water is a great duo for cleaning most things, including your mugs. Create a paste by mixing baking soda and water, then liberally apply it to the stained areas. Allow the mixture to work its fizzy wonders for a few minutes. Give your mug a gentle scrub and witness the transformation. 

3. Vinegar:

Vinegar is great as it can get rid of tea stains with minimal effort. Fill your mug with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and let it soak for a few hours, or overnight. The acid in the vinegar will work to dissolve those stubborn stains. After the soak, give your mug a rinse. Be sure to give it a sniff check to ensure no traces of vinegar linger.

4. Toothpaste:

Use toothpaste to remove more stubborn stains. Opt for a non-gel variety, and apply it generously to the stained areas. You can also use an old toothbrush to gently scrub away the marks. Rinse thoroughly.

Tea stains may be persistent, but armed with these natural remedies, you can bid them farewell with a smile. 

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