6 Reasons To Swap Your Yellow Sponge For Our Eco Sponge

6 Reasons To Swap Your Yellow Sponge For Our Eco Sponge
6 Reasons To Swap Your Yellow Sponge For Our Eco Sponge

Yes, your traditional yellow sponge is cheaper and more convenient than sustainable alternatives... or is it?

Here's 6 reasons why our eco sponge is a better choice:

1. It's plastic-free 🌱
A study shows that every minute 1,000 sponges are binned. The problem is that traditional sponges are made of virgin plastic, and when they get bobbly they release microplastics into the water systems. Seep's sponge is completely free of plastic — it's made from cellulose wood pulp and loofah fibre.

2. It's compostable 🪴
Traditional sponges can take hundreds of years to decompose, or even never fully decompose at all. Our sponge decomposes in 2-4 months! You can compost it yourself by cutting up the sponge (to speed up composting) and place it in your home compost bin, or pop it in your household waste knowing you haven't generated plastic waste.

3. It lasts longer
Feedback from customers has proven that our sponge lasts longer than yellow sponges. Depending on the usage, the latter ones last up to 3 weeks, while our sponge can last 4-7 weeks.

4. It's washable 🫧
When your yellow sponge gets dirty, it's time to throw it away. When our sponge gets dirty, it can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher and be reused.

5. It retains more washing up liquid 🧼
We have tested covering both a traditional sponge and our sponge with an equal amount of washing up liquid. On the first squeeze, both showed the normal foaming. We left them to sit for a few minutes and, when we squeezed them again, the traditional sponge didn't have any washing up liquid in it anymore, while our sponge showed the same result as the first squeeze. Ultimately, our sponge reduces washing up liquid waste!
If you don't believe our words, watch for yourself here.

6. It looks nicer 😍
The colour and overall design of our sponge offers a nice, premium touch to any sink or countertop.

In the end, by swapping to our eco sponge, you're helping the planet AND your wallet.

Buy it now here!

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