5 Gleaming Household Remedies for Tarnished Silver

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5 Gleaming Household Remedies for Tarnished Silver
5 Gleaming Household Remedies for Tarnished Silver

Whether it’s cleaning silver with baking soda or cleaning silver with toothpaste, we’ve got 5 homemade remedies to polish the tarnish off your heirlooms.

Your silverware becomes exposed to the sulphur in the air (don’t worry, it’s naturally occurring like oxygen and carbon dioxide). However, it’s worth noting that silver and sulphur react, causing the tarnished look.

At Seep we understand you may have irreplaceable family heirloom silverware or stunning pieces of personal jewellery that can become tarnished over time. Luckily, there are very safe and easy fixes that only use the items already in your pantry. In fact, here are exactly 5 of them starting with cleaning silver with baking soda:

  1. Cleaning Silver With Baking Soda

Grab yourself a bowl, some cold water, your baking soda, a scrubbing sponge such as our Eco Sponge with Scourer and your silverware. Mix a 1:4 ratio of water and baking soda to form an abrasive paste. Then, dip a sponge in the paste and get scrubbing. Cleaning silver with baking soda is as simple as scrubbing until you see the shine come back and rinsing under cold water.

  1. Cleaning Silver With Ketchup

This may sound like an old wive’s tale but there is truth to it. Heading back to the science-y side of things, it’s actually the tomatoes in ketchup that react with the oxidisation of the tarnished silver. So, to get going, simply place your silverware on a plate, douse it in tomato ketchup and leave it to rest for around 20 minutes. When it’s done, use an old toothbrush to give it a little encouragement and rinse it under cold water.

  1. Cleaning Silver With Tin Foil and Detergent

Aluminium foil is another reaction-based method. It reacts directly with the silver’s tarnish causing it to lift and detergent helps this process along. So, grab a large washing-up bowl, line the bottom with tin foil and place your silverware inside. Then, douse with liquid detergent and submerge in boiling water until the water cools. You should see the tarnish lifting almost immediately as the water changes colour!

  1. Cleaning Silver With Cornflour

Cornflour is simply an alternative method to cleaning silver with baking soda. The idea is to make an abrasive paste with cold water and scrub the tarnish off with good old elbow grease. We wanted to get this one in there because it's about making the case that, even if you don’t have baking soda, the same results can be achieved with similar pantry items!

  1. Cleaning Silver With Toothpaste

Finally, we have an age-old method of cleaning silver with toothpaste. Not only is this highly effective for “the posh cutlery” but it is a handy method for getting the finer and more hard-to-reach details of silver jewellery. You’ll need some fluoride-based toothpaste, a toothbrush and a bowl of warm water. Add toothpaste to your toothbrush and start scrubbing. Then, rinse with warm water to see your silver shine.

And that polishes off all 5 of our remedies for silver shining. From cleaning silver with baking soda to cleaning silver with toothpaste, you’ve had it all.

The best part is knowing that these polishing techniques will keep your reflection gleaming through the silver for a good few months. Depending on how often your silverware is used and how you store it, you might not even need to repolish it for two years. Simply check in on the look of your silver and if it’s looking a little dull or tarnished, whip out these 5 remedies again.


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