5 Sustainable Tips for Black Friday 2021

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5 Sustainable Tips for Black Friday 2021
5 Sustainable Tips for Black Friday 2021

Our emails are flooded with offers, there are adverts everywhere you look...yep we all know it's Black Friday this month! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the buzz and convince yourself you need a new pair of boots (even though you just bought a pair last month)😅 And we totally get it, the Black Friday offers seem too good to miss🙈But a study by Which? found that last year 1 in 5 of us regretted our Black Friday purchase. So this year we want to give you some tips on how to approach Black Friday 2021 a little more thoughtfully🥰

1. Ask yourself the right questions

Don’t let the endless emails, adverts and social media posts send you into a panic buying maniac 🤪 Sales are great way of buying something which is originally out of your budget but if you're planning on buying something during Black Friday, the focus should be on what you need. Ask yourself:

🤷‍♀️Do I need this product (what value will it bring)?

👒Do I love this product (will you wear/use it more than once)?

😮Am I feeling pressured to buy this item I didn't set out to buy?

🌍How much single use plastic has been used to get this product to me?

2. Think about the brand you're buying from

We know, it is hard to resist a sale! But try to be mindful of who you are buying from. A great example of a completely transparent company, with quality long lasting and ethically made products is Patagonia. Read more about their Buy Less, Demand More campaign here.

When choosing your brand, think about the product material, are the materials used natural, sustainably sourced, organic or recycled? Also consider who has made the product, and are they receiving a fair wage.

The product guarantee is also important as it should be an investment for life not something that is thrown away as soon as it is damaged! It is also worth looking to see if the company gives back, a good sign of this would be looking to see if they have a charity partner😊

Remember, these brands and businesses have a duty to be environmentally and socially conscious💓 Caring about people and the planet shouldn't make a company special, it should be a standard.

3. Support Small & Local

Holly Tucker, the founder of Not On The High Street, has launched Colour Friday as an exciting new annual alternative to Black Friday 2021🌈 This campaign encourages people to shop thoughtfully and  independently, celebrating the colour and creativity of small businesses. Some of our favorite small businesses include:

Maymaker Design House: beautiful, thoughtful and sustainable stoneware and cards. 

🌿Dipwood Studio: garments and homeware made from plant-dyed vintage and second-hand fabric offcuts.

🌊Hannah Bourn Jewellery: gorgeous, handmade jewellery from recycled silver and gold inspired by the beach and countryside.

👜BEEN: hand-made bags using recycled/upcycled materials 

4. Give back

Ultimately, the best sustainable tip for Black Friday would be to not participate at all. Instead you could give back🤝 Here are some ideas of how to give back:

🌲Plant a tree, there are easy ways of doing this either through simply using a search engine like Ecosia, signing up to an app like, More Trees or by signing up to a debit card like TreeCard. 

🌊Donate to an ocean charity such as Coral Reef Alliance or The Ocean Cleanup

🐸Volunteer with your local Wildlife Trust

🍎 Volunteer at a food bank

5. Go Second Hand

No need to wait for a sale when second hand is always cheaper♻ This is the guaranteed way of shopping sustainably and finding unique pieces. 

So instead of shopping Black Friday 2021 deals you could spend the day second-hand shopping, upcycling your clothes or sorting out your clothes to giveaway👕


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