4 Ways To Save Money At Home

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4 Ways To Save Money At Home
4 Ways To Save Money At Home

With household bills rising at a record pace, saving a little here and there couldn’t hurt. Why not try these easy ways to save, without harming the planet.

1. Keep an eye on the kettle

Did you know that it takes 21p to boil a kettle? The average Brit drinks two cups of coffee per day that’s 42p per day and £153 per year. To save energy for every cuppa you make, regularly descale your kettle with lemon juice or vinegar; this will remove the scale build up on the heating element and will make it more efficient. Most of us also fill the kettle right up, but you should fill your kettle to the level you need; this could save you up to a third of the energy you’ve been using

2. Refresh your sponges and cloths
Don’t be so quick to buy new cleaning cloths and sponges; your cleaning tools probably look a little grubby but all they need is a little refresh. Why not pop them into your washing machine, dish washer, or microwave to disinfect. They’ll come out almost looking as good as new.

3. Plan your meals

Have you ever bought vegetables from the supermarket only to see it rot at the back of your fridge? Meal planning can prevent you from purchasing unnecessary groceries. With a plan at hand you’ll know exactly how to use the produce you buy, and ultimately reduce food waste at home. Buying in season will also help reduce the cost of your shopping, not to mention it’s better for the environment too.

4. Charge and unplug

People are overcharging their phones and laptops by leaving them plugged in. Instead unplug your electronics when they are fully charged - this will save energy and can also prolong battery life. This can save about £60 a year on electricity bills.

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