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Bamboo Dish Brush

Bamboo Dish Brush

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A necessity in your washing up routine, especially when it's 100% plastic free. Gorgeous bamboo with sisal bristles finished with a biodegradable varnish. Wow🙌




    Handmade from Bamboo, sisal bristles & biodegradable varnish. Size: 21 x  5.5 x 8cm


    • 100% plastic free
    • Home compostable
    • Handle made from sustainably sourced bamboo
    • Bristles made from sisal (a natural fibre which comes from a species of cactus)
    • Varnish is biodegradable
    • 93% of customers say our products work just as well as or even better than plastic alternatives
    • Perfect for scrubbing dishes and removing stubborn dirt
    • Long-lasting and durable 
    • Packaging sustainably sourced and recyclable
    • Carbon footprint offset through a partnership with reforestation charity On A Mission.

    Our factory

    Designed in the UK, made in audited factory in China

      Product Care

      • After use, rinse with water and hang to dry or free stand with bristles facing down
      • Allow to dry in between uses and avoid soaking
      • Do not place in dishwasher
      • Store out of direct sunlight

      End Of Life Care

      • After about 6 months, the bristles will start to look mouldy. This is the nature of natural products and should be celebrated. You can remove the bristles and put them in your organic waste
      • As this is a natural product, all of the components will eventually break down if composted at home and you can be smug in the knowledge you haven't generated plastic waste by switching to Seep


      • Standard (3-7 working days): £3.95
      • Next day: £5.95

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        Most Common Questions

        What is FSC?
        How long does it last?
        How can I make it last as long as possible?
        What is sisal?



        What is FSC?
        How long does it last?
        How can I make it last as long as possible?
        What is sisal?

        Our Cloth

        Their Cloth

        Our Cloth

        • Plastic-free
        • Compostable
        • Unique design
        • Renewable material
        • Carbon neutral


        Their Cloth

        • Full of plastic
        • Not compostable
        • Generic design
        • Non-renewable material
        • Carbon not offset

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