How to Clean hard water stains from your taps

Follow this super easy, super quick plastic free how-to cleaning hack today to get those taps sparkling clean✨

Lemons make amazing non-toxic cleaners because they are naturally acidic which is perfect for hardwater stains. It's a plastic free and toxin free cleaning hack, you can't really go wrong🍋

What you will need:
x1 lemon cut in half (this can be an old lemon or one you have left in your fridge)
x1 Cloth 
Taps which need a good sparkling!

1. So first you want to squeeze your lemon over the affected area, as you squeeze rub it onto the harder stains
2. Leave to sit for 10 minutes and breathe in the lovely lemony smell
3. Wipe away the lemon and stains with your cloth! It's really as simply as that

 Check it out in action below👇

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