Becoming a B Corp business, a founders perspective

Laura here, founder of Seep👋

What a great feeling to know that Spring is just around the corner and soon the sun will be setting past 7pm and my winter coat can be stored away 🌸☀️ This March brings not only the hope of Spring, but also our first B Corp month too. This is an annual celebration of what it means to be a B Corp where we raise awareness of being a better business. 

As a consumer I look out for the B Corp logo as the best sign that a business takes their environmental and social duties seriously so when I set up Seep I immediately kicked off the certification process. The process is pretty similar even if you’re massive like Patagonia or if you’re tiny and just starting out. Each business is given a score after a rigorous Business Impact Assessment which covers every bit of your business, and if your score is over 80 you have earnt your B Corp status. 

We’re pretty proud of our 110 point score here at Seep and we’ll be working hard to beat it in 3 years when we get recertified.

There is some debate on what it means to be a B Corp as some bigger brands like Danone and Nespresso have recently become B Corps. I can’t speak for bigger brands, but as the founder of a smaller brand, and having spoken to a lot of other start-up B Corps we all are fully invested and believe in it. It is the best judge of whether a company really walks the walk of their talk and at Seep it puts people and the planet at the centre of our decisions every day. What we need is more people to know about B Corps and support them 💗

Follow us this B Corp month to hear more about how and why being a B Corp is more than just a badge, plus watch out for some super fun partnerships with our favourite B Corp brands.

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